Restaurants, cafes and bars have problems because they still have to pay their staff, rent, heating costs and much more. 

So to support and save your favourite, buy a gift card and use it to eat / drink there later!

Thanks for your support !

Find your local store you want to support

  1. Buy the gift card - choose whether to keep it yourself , or give it to someone loved ones with a video greeting.

  2. You will receive an email with your purchase confirmation, your local store will receive the money.

  3. The receiver of the gift card will get a text message with the gift card, the greetings and a QR code to redeem in your local store when it opens again.

  4. When your local store opens again you simply use the gift card when paying for your purchase

Important notice:

During this times there is unfortunately a risk that that your local store goes bankrupt. If this happens the gift card you bought is no longer valid. Neither Diggecard or can be hold responsible for unused gift cards if this happens, since the money is already donated to your local store to try to help them.